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Happy Pico Day!

2009-04-30 02:41:57 by Monkeyshizznick

Finally after a month of work with Lilg on Pico and his Popcorn it is finally submitted!


Quick little tid-bit:

Originally the story was supposed to take place in the city, but I think Lilg's idea to change it to a park worked awesome!

The whole script was going to be about 3 minutes long, but time was running short and it was ended the way it was ended.

Am I upset? No! I love the way it turned out! I was worried that with it being cut so much shorter that it wasn't going to be as good, but it is fantastic!

If you watched the video, in the beginning the vendor asks for money and Pico doesn't hand him any and Pico runs off.

The original story had this, but with that it ended with no one getting the popcorn after a long bit of foolishness and odd fighting and the vendor taking it back and kicking them all away up into the air team rocket style.

Oh! I just remembered that it was also originally supposed to be chocolate not popcorn.

Thanks for being awesome Lilg! Came out great and I also LOVE the music! I'll have to PM him.

Happy Pico Day!

Support Lilg and his demons in his new game:

Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again (ROA)

Happy Pico Day!

Aparently China called me today.

But my phone was on silent while charging, so I didn't recieve the call.

They left a message stating that they want me to make a commercial advertising newgrounds in China. They also said they want me to add a subliminal message that says to the viewers
"Plan 6 is in effect.
Please insert Red Pill into Rectum, and blue into Penis. If you are not in posession of a penis, then go back into the kitchen and stop watching your masters television."

Pro PhotoShop CS3 Skils!

2009-02-15 00:49:53 by Monkeyshizznick

Naw, this is the first picture I have ever drawn in photoshop.

... And its not even done :O

Idk why I'm posting...

Pro PhotoShop CS3 Skils!